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While working with Coach Cavell we’ve seen a dramatic increase in Sebastian’s basketball skills, and also his positive outlook.  Sebastian has a ton of fun and is challenged weekly by the sessions that Coach Cavell prepares specifically to develop and challenge Sebastian’s basketball skills.  Beyond basketball, Coach Cavell seamlessly integrates lessons around positivity, effort, leadership and teamwork.  The infusion of confidence and positive approach to Sebastian’s basketball game is also witnessed in his relationships with family and friends

When I saw the tweet about Coach Cavell’s driveway basketball sessions, I knew right away it was something that my boys would enjoy.  My family and I have been attending Titans games over the last couple of years and the opportunity to learn not only basketball skills, but also important life lessons from a pro, was too good to pass up.

Coach Cavell is not only passionate about the sport, but also about teaching young players.  He is very patient and encouraging and keeps them moving with stretches and drills that help overall physical fitness as well as learning the fundamentals of the sport. After completing the 5 sessions I am amazed at how far they have come and how much more comfortable they are with the drills. We have already signed up for some fall sessions and they are both looking forward to that.  Thanks Coach Cavell!


Working with Coach Cavell is just what Gabe needed to bring his game and his confidence to the next level. After only the first session, Gabe noticed improvement in his ball handling and shooting skills.  Throughout the sessions he became better conditioned and gained improved footwork and agility. Best of all were the insights Coach shared about mindset and working through tough situations and conditions.  He showed Gabe how reaction, perspective and attitude can give him the mental advantage to grind through, rise above, and have an advantage. Cavell is an outstanding coach and mentor for youth. He has positively impacted our son’s game as well as his approach to basketball, and life in general.

Our seven year-old daughter, Maddy, absolutely loved her driveway basketball sessions with Coach Cavell this Summer!  Being a beginner basketball player, Maddy was a little nervous to take part in a group session with more experienced kids; however, Coach made her feel completely at ease and focused on building her confidence AND her skills.  Coach did an amazing job of adapting each drill to the various skill levels of the players in the group, and as Maddy’s skills developed over the course of the sessions, so did her love of basketball.  Coach is patient, kind and motivating.  He has an uncanny ability to keep kids of all ages engaged and focused, encouraging them to work hard and give their very best.  Maddy can’t wait to have another opportunity to work with Coach and we are very grateful to him for sharing his talents with our daughter!


My son’s basketball skills and overall fitness greatly improved after having Coach Cavell work with him. Completing the 5 days of 1 on 1 and the summer training camp, was the best thing we could have done for our son and he loved every minute of it.

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