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Community & School Programs


Coach Cavell launched the BR4ND Community & Schools Program in 2023.  The program got its beginnings with a youth organization that focuses on developing hope, opportunities, and purpose for vulnerable youth and families in our community.


This program blends his passions and experience in basketball, mental health awareness, resilience, and personal development.

In BR4ND programs, Coach Cavell uses sport to guide the youth participants through physical activity and personal development/self-reflective exercises, providing a less traditional form of counsel/ mentorship in a safe, collaborative environment.


About BR4ND Community & School

Program content is customized to the age, skill set, and initiatives of the community or school program by Coach Cavell, in partnership with the organizers. 

In the program, Coach encourages youth participants to be cognizant of how they approach stimuli/stress and other people, using basketball- the common interest- as the conduit, we focus on developing/impacting them in (and beyond) the following areas:

● Self-awareness

● Communication skills
● Goal setting
● Collaboration & Teamwork
● Conflict Resolution
● Respect
● Resilience
● Confidence
● Passion for development
● Passion for engaging with, and uplifting, community



At BR4ND, we strive to make positive, lasting impacts on the youth of our community by empowering them to strive for growth beyond their comfort zone and encouraging each individual to lift up others that they encounter along the way.

Connecting with our community’s youth- where they are, around interests that they express, and activities in which they engage- helps create a more comfortable environment for them to communicate their thoughts and struggles more vulnerably and recognize the progress they make in how they mentally approach life AND skill development. With these approaches, we can enrich and reshape the collective mindsets of communities, starting at the precious grassroots level.


Based on conversations with youth, youth workers/leaders, and teachers in our region, there is a need to remain diligently innovative in how we find and provide connections between activities/sports of interest and personal growth and development for our youth. By providing these healthy and positive physical activities, with a
challenging, growth mindset contextuality, we can help lower their guards and create a safe space for vulnerable and honest conversations that address mental health and personal development topics, as well as promote healthy physical lifestyles.

Demographics and Cultural Impact


Sports, like basketball, are universal languages, opening doors to interactions and relationships with others who have different ways of thinking, skills and capabilities, and approaches to life.

As youth educators and administration come together to uplift and enrich the lives of our youth, it is important that we are mindful of the cultural differences within our schools and community, and that we do so while encouraging inclusion and kindness.


We understand there are cultural differences of opinion around mental health advocacy and wellness. We approach these support and growth opportunities with compassion and a commitment to building healthier, more inclusive youth/school communities. 

As we incorporate team-building exercises, drills, and conversations, individuals strengthen collaborative skills, in diverse groups, to achieve common goals and cohesively problem-solve. This also provides opportunities for a deeper awareness of self, others, and situations around us.

Developing a sense of responsibility and contribution offers our youth a vision and purpose that has an impact well beyond sport- permeating and empowering them in their everyday lives.

Coach Cavell's Experience





  • D1 Basketball Athlete (UMBC & James Madison University)

  • Assistant Coach

  • Youth Basketball Program Coach/Mentor

Professional Basketball Player

  • Greece

  • Finland

  • Hungry

  • Portugal

  • Canada

  • China

  • Professional Head Coach & General Manager- KW Titans

  • Advocate and Public Speaker for mental health awareness and suicide prevention

  • Launched BR4ND Programming in the KW Region

Director of BR4ND Training & Development:

  • Bingemans Community Program

    • During COVID for mental health and physical activity for the community's youth

  • Driveway Sessions

    • Basketball skills and youth development in client driveways throughout the KW region

  • Youth Drop-In Programming

  • 12 Week BR4ND & Basketball group programs

  • A4C Basketball & Mentorship

    • Work with at-risk youth to prevent  negative life trajectories by inspiring self-discovery through basketball and mentorship)

  • Waterloo Region Catholic School Programs

    • Basketball & Mental Health 8-week programs run during nutrition breaks

  • City of Kitchener Hot Shots

    • Traveled to basketball courts throughout the region to connect with youth through basketball challenges​



"As we gain confidence from encouragement and persevering through our own growth and setbacks, we pay that energy forward to those around us who are working on their development as well. This is the life of BR4ND."

Coach Cavell

If you are interested in learning more, please email 

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