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NeuroSport Technology

NeuroSport training is a blend of traditional skills development and training with cutting-edge technology geared towards 'slowing down the game'.

This service is offered in partnership with See The Game.

By assessing the visual and cognitive function of each athlete, Coach Cavell and See The Game Trainers customize a program to achieve the desired goals. Athletes will see the game faster and more effectively in order to make more efficient and correct decisions leading to more successful outcomes - setting them apart from the competition.

What is a NeuroSport Assessment?


The assement provides athlete and parents with a complete NeuroSport (by See The Game) assessment by utilizing the latest and most high-tech equipment. We use a combination of the RightEye vision assessment, Senaptec Sensory Assessment, Neurotracker, and BlazePods to gain a complete visual and neuro-cognitive profile for the athlete.

Using the data from the assessment, we create a personalized, sports-specific program to improve all of the measures taken, with specific attention to insufficient areas.

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