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Coach Cavell’s original vision was to not only support and encourage others along their journey of personal and skill development but also encourage clients to adopt a mindset of compassion for others and develop a desire to uplift and support other individuals along their journey.


This vision later landed him at the acronym “Building Reputations for Nurturing Development”.


The play on words helps clients understand that our reputation (who and how we are perceived, by others) is our ‘brand’ to the world. We contribute to that perception by our actions and interactions with others, and this is the basis for the BR4ND curriculum and programs.


Develop the individual.
Build the athlete.

"I don’t just focus on skill development. Through my sessions, I am also working with these young athletes to build resilience, mental fortitude, perspective, confidence, transferable life skills and a nurturing atmosphere to push themselves beyond comfort zones to enjoy embarking on a journey of development (with their parents) both on AND off the court."

Coach Cavell  



“While working with Coach Cavell of the KW Titans, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in Sebastian’s basketball skills, and also his positive outlook. Beyond basketball, Coach Cavell seamlessly integrates lessons around positivity, effort, leadership and teamwork.  The infusion of confidence and positive approach to Sebastian’s basketball game is also witnessed in his relationships with family and friends.”



Mental Approach

Athletes are guided through a variety of situations they may face both on and off court and ways to navigate how to recover using self awareness and mental fortitude.


Basketball fundamentals are covered in each session and are tailored to the individual athletes experience/skill level.

Advanced Skills

As a former NCAA D1 and professional athlete, along with now being a professional Coach, Cavell will expose your athlete(s) to advanced skills in order to increase their confidence on the court.

Playing Through Mistakes

"Mistakes only make us better."

Many athletes struggle with working and playing through mistakes. During each session this valuable skill of resilience will be touched on in order to develop well rounded, positive athletes/individuals  and great team players!

Mobility, Stability & Agility

The work that no one talks about. Athletes will be guided through  JOGA (athletic yoga) movements (which is used widely across the NBA) to increase their mobility and stability in order to reduce/prevent common basketball related injuries.

A native of Delaplane, Virginia, Cavell is a graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) – a Division 1 school in the NCAA. In fact, he was a member of the first UMBC men's basketball team in school history to reach the "March Madness" tournament.

Prior to joining the Titans as a player for their inaugural season in 2016/17, Cavell played all over the world – with stops in Portugal, Finland, Hungary, China and Greece.

He also played in the NBLC with the former Orangeville A’s, where he was the league’s Defensive Player of the Year, two-time All-Defensive Team member and Slam Dunk Champion.

BR4ND originated when Coach Cavell Johnson was working with youth over a decade ago and fell in love with not just building their on-court and in game skills, but taking the time to dedicate himself to working with the athletes and their mindset, in order to build resilience, mental fortitude, perspective, confidence, and transferable life skills in a nurturing atmosphere.


Over time, he developed a niche for the style of training and development programs he offered while coaching, running youth camps or training athletes. In 2019, while he was the head coach for the KW Titans in Kitchener, Cavell designed a unique and customized curriculum which he trialled during school programs and guest coaching. The BR4ND training and curriculum differs from the average ‘Basketball Training’ program. It was developed over many years during Coach Cavell’s professional career, utilizing resources and mentorship learnings.  


Coach has developed a program which allows athletes to access an elite level of training, that is formed around not only the athlete’s skill level, but customized after interviews with the athlete’s parents or coaches. The BR4ND training programs and curriculum was designed to allow athletes of any level- from youth to amateur and professional level- to push themselves beyond comfort zones in order to enjoy embarking on a journey of their personal development, alongside a former professional basketball player and Coach. 

His goal is to infiltrate minds with love and positivity through compassion and understanding. From a training and life aspect, Cavell encourages others to push themselves to grow and develop, while encouraging those around them along their journey as well.

Coach Cavell


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